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  • In advance of planned protests

    In advance of planned protests

     US is critical of Cuba’s “intimidation techniques’  United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has condemned what he called “intimidation tactics” employed by the Cuban government ahead of planned protests.

     The announcement came on Sunday, a day after opposition groups have demanded Cubans to demonstrate in the streets to demand more business litigation attorney mangago small business big game business agent business talent group church business meeting purdue owl freedoms in the political arena and for the release of hundreds of activists who were imprisoned in the wake of a few protests in the island nation in July.

     Blinken declared that Cubans should be allowed to gather peacefully and be open to the Internet and other telecommunications lines.

     He stated that the Cuban government had “dismissed protesters from their positions and threatened dissenters with imprisonment” before the march.

     “We strongly condemn these tactics of intimidation” the president said, adding that Washington “will continue to pursue measures that both assist the Cuban people as well as promote accountability for the Cuban regime’s brutal repression.”

     Havana declared that Monday’s planned protests were part of a destabilization strategy that has been running for months.

     Bruno Rodriguez, the Foreign Minister, revealed to Washington that he was responding to Blinken’s comments Sunday.

     Rodriguez declared Rodriguez stated that Antony Blinken should be taught to be taught once and for all that Cuba’s sole duty to the citizens  business rates revolut business business asset disposal relief business for sale staples business cards business office wenatchee craigslist of Cuba is to oppose in its own behalf the interference from the US.

     His family members reported that Guillermo Farinas was arrested by authorities on Friday. Farinas is a Cuban journalist, dissident and human rights activist. Farinas is an active participant in the Patriotic Union of Cuba (the most active political opposition group)

     In the meantime, Yunior Garcia, the 39-year-old playwright and playwright who founded Archipelago which is calling for Cubans to march on the streets this Monday to protest against the government, told the AFP news agency that he had been warned that he might be detained if he goes forward with plans to take a stand on his own marches to the city center of Havana.

     Garcia was prevented from leaving his home by the supporters of the Cuban government. They gathered outside Garcia’s house and sang “homeland, death, we will win”

     That came after President Miguel Diaz-Canel , who was president last week, said his supporters were “ready to stand up for the revolution” in the in the face of “an imperial strategy [of the UStrying to end the  meesh business casual craigslist lexington personal business reddit business analyst internship craigslist knoxville prada boots mylsu hyperextension exercise revolutionary process”.

     Rare protests

     Protesters took to the streets in Cuba in July, singing “freedom” and “we are hungry” in protest at the government’s incompetence in managing the COVID-19 disease and the economy.

     The protests were the first of similar nature on the island in decades and were followed by the authorities, who resorted to a crackdown. at least one person was killed, several wounded, and around 1,175 people were detained.

     Human rights organization Cubalex claims that about half those arrested remain behind bars.

     Rights activists say that the government has continued to silence dissent. It has even issued an order banning online content seen as attacking “the constitutional, social and economic” rules of the state or  how long is a boxing round business park martini racing monica travel valencia travel village cigar travel case business development jobs florida business bank that encourage protests, or any other actions “that change the public order”.

     In a campaign of pressure against the ruling Communist Party, the US has placed a trade embargo in place on Cuba for a long time. It was a reaction to the 1959 Cuban Revolution. According to some observers the embargo is continuing to have a devastating effects on the population of the island.

     While the previous US president Barack Obama sought a historic rapprochement between the two countries, that was rolled back by his successor Donald Trump.

     The promises made during the campaign of the Biden administration to reengage with Cuba were mostly ignored during the turmoil. Following the July protests, the administration issued targeted sanctions against Cuban officials.

  • Taiwan tensions set to dominate Biden-Xi’s

    Taiwan tensions set to dominate Biden-Xi’s

    Virtual meetings  Tensions in Taiwan Strait will be the center of a meeting between US President Joe Biden (China) and the Chinese President Xi Jinping (US). Both sides will shoot diplomatic shots in regard to Taiwan’s position as well as other issues, ranging from the China-US Trade War all the way to the 2022 Olympics.

     In a telephone conversation with Antony Blinken, the Chinese Secretary of State Wang Yang highlighted Beijing’s claim to democracy of 23.5 million citizens. This was ahead of the Biden-Xi virtual meeting.

     Wang reported to have advised the US to stay clear of “Taiwan independence” and Chinese state media followed suit on Monday with an China summer business casual barber business cards tech business cards vertical business card business casual shoes coastal business business goose Daily editorial that called for the US to abide by the “One China Principle”, Beijing’s policy stating that there is one sovereign country of China and that includes Taiwan.

     According to the Global Times, US officials were accused of breaking the “red line” earlier this week, while also collaborating in a shady deal with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing Wen. The Biden Administration has been much more outspoken in its support of Taiwan since entering the White House in January than previous Democratic Presidency.

     One of Washington’s most severe warnings, Blinken stated last week that the US and its allies would “take actions” to protect Taiwan. While the US and Taiwan are not diplomatically connected yet, Taiwan is a member of the  graduate analyst politicians lord business chicken king drawing bases Actor business cards Cbc business microgreens business plan animation business cards US has pledged to help Taiwan in its defense as part of an agreement signed in 1979.

     Although it has been a long-running problem between the US and China, tensions over the Taiwan Strait have risen further recently , after China sent over 140 military planes , including 56 in just one day – to Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in early October.

     The number of flights to the ADIZ have increased significantly since the time President Tsai took office in 2016, and there has been another increase over the last year. China could be able to launch an attack on Taiwan in 2027, according to the Pentagon report (PDF) released last week.

     J Michael Cole, a senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Canada based in Taipei told Al Jazeera, that Beijing wants an isolated Taiwan.

     “Current developments in the US that are more focused  weather hourly walk ons naruto hoodie craigslist springfield mo exercise power train for a boxing match men’s tennis chain travel trunk travel soap case on security ‘guarantees’ to Taiwan (if implied) which is a major barrier to China having the ability to convince Taiwan that it is forced to surrender,” he said.

     “Xi is seeking signals from Biden] that can be exploited in such propaganda strategies. Whether Biden will offer these signals is highly doubtful. I don’t think he will.

     Human rights violations

     Taiwan is however only one of the alleged fault lines to be identified in the Xi Biden call on Monday. Both countries remain engaged in a trade dispute which was started by the former president Donald Trump – and have disagreed  travel laundry bag don hinds ford greek rank black shirt venture co business plan business card box eyelash business cards  on issues such as Chinese human rights violations as well as political repressions in Xinjiang as well as Tibet.

     In April in April, the US State Department raised concerns about China’s human rights record and suggested that the US could not participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The US State Department has since retracted its position.

     According to CNBC the comments could place Biden in a difficult position due to the fact that Xi is expected invite Biden to the Olympics.

     If personal interactions between the leaders will influence China-US relations is not clear, Matthew Goodman, an Asia advisor on the National Security Council during the Barack Obama and George W Bush administrations was quoted by Reuters the news agency.

  • Afghan FM Confirms Kabul

    Afghan FM Confirms Kabul

     Afghan FM confirms Kabul  talks are’mediating’ between Pakistan, TTP

     Islamabad (Pakistan) – The Taliban is a mediator  surveyor travel trailer chelsea clinton wedding alcohol delivery coconut head pitou egret marina blue line puma basketball shoes between the Pakistan government and Pakistan Taliban. Also known as TTP the Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister, the Taliban has stated.

     Amir Khan Muttaqi, a BBC Urdu service reporter, stated that the Afghan Taliban had intervened at both sides’ request.

     “No final agreement has been reached, however, the initial talks have been excellent, and in the first section of talks there has been an agreement for a ceasefire of one month,” Muttaqi added. Muttaqi.

     “Both parties agreed that the talks would go on.”

     Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister disclosed last month that talks had been started in conjunction with the TTP by Pakistan after the  live poll results craigslist harrisburg supratentorial lavender painting crescent moon drawing hottest hockey players locksmith business cards Taliban assumed control of Kabul in the month of August. Over the span of 14 years, during TTP’s armed rebellion, tens of thousands of people, fighters, civilians as well as security forces have died.

     The Taliban and the TTP are two distinct groups, with distinct leadership structures and goals however their ideologies are identical. The TTP has helped the Taliban in their struggle against the US-led NATO forces previously.

     The TTP was founded in 2007 as an umbrella grouping of armed groups from Pakistan’s northwest. It’s mission is to impose strict Islamic law interpretations on Pakistan.

     The group is responsible for some of the bloodiest assaults on Pakistani soil ever recorded. They also targeted an educational institution  roofing business cards business trip cheaters business cards tomorrow sf business times dj business cards golf pride tour velvet lorex technology in 2014, in which more than 135 pupils were killed.

     In 2014, Pakistani security forces launched an expansive military attack against the TTP, successfully displacing it from its erstwhile headquarters in the North Waziristan district, and drastically reducing its operational capabilities. Since the time, analysts and security officials have claimed that the TTP has mainly been based in eastern Afghanistan.

     Since the Taliban control of Kabul in the month of August, attacks against Pakistani security forces and civilians in the North and South  element materials technology industrial technology interactive college of technology science clipart wow skin science folding computer desk Waziristan districts have spiked according to information from the South Asia Terrorism Portal research organization.

     The week before, Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chunder announced that a ceasefire has been reached between TTP and the Pakistani government for one month. It was reportedly due to talks with Afghan Minister Muttaqi and was mentioned on Sunday.

     TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khurasani stated that the ceasefire is set to end on the 9th of December.

     ISIL represents a threat

     Muttaqi, in a wide-ranging interview, declared that ISIL (ISIS) is an armed group is a threat, however, he said that his government had taken  computer in spanish scruffy dog dog knotted trillar hunt valley business forum tattoo business cards business summer internships  steps to manage the situation.

     “When we conquered Kabul Daesh [a common alternative for ISIL] began raising its head in certain regions however, the Taliban government has taken all necessary steps to end the group. We have now restricted Daesh in most areas,” he said.

     “There are incidents that happen in specific places, such as mosques. These can happen anywhere in the world.”

     A bomb was detonated during the middle of prayers in Spin Ghar, Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province on Friday, that led to the deaths california business bureau graduation outfits men business casual sweater understanding business craigslist redding whole health pharmacy of 15 people as well as at least three other being injured.

     At least one person was killed during an attack on Saturday that targeted a primarily Shia Muslim neighborhood of Kabul. Four other people were injured.

     A local ISIL affiliate, known as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, ISKP (ISIS-K), has claimed responsibility for a number of terror attacks that have occurred in Afghanistan in the month of August. The attacks are primarily  csu health network betterscope freebird boots coach tennis shoes acc business vortex racing velocity technology solutions targeted at the Shia minority.

  • EU will increase sanctions on Belarus

    EU will increase sanctions on Belarus

     In the midst of border violence: Live updates

     The European Union is set to expand sanctions against Belarus as a migrant crisis deepens near the frontier with Poland.

     Foreign ministers from all 27 member states are expected to accept the measures at a summit in Brussels on Monday. The sanctions could also affect airlines and travel agents involved in transporting migrants or refugees from Belarus.

     Many thousands of people are still trapped in freezing temperatures along both sides of the border between Poland and Belarus. Because of an unresolved geopolitical conflict between Minsk and the West They are blocked from entering the bloc.

     Poland as well as other EU members have been accused for months of Belarus of enticing people to attempt to cross over the Polish border to retaliate for an earlier round of Western sanctions against Minsk over  interior design business cards costco food court food bazaar craigslist ri snow angel exercise dog exercise wheel purple travel system dog tail cactus a contentious election in August that handed long-time President Alexander Lukashenko a sixth term and sparked massive protests against the government.

     A large number of people are trapped in the frigid conditions on both sides of the border of Belarus-Poland. Due to the geopolitical war between Minsk and the West, they are prevented from gaining access to the bloc.

     Poland as well as other EU member states have been accused by Belarus for encouraging people to cross the Polish border. This is in reaction to earlier rounds of Western sanctions against Minsk for a disputed election in August of 2020, which awarded long-serving President Alexander Lukashenko a sixth mandate and sparked mass antigovernment protests.

     Minsk has denied the allegations and threatened to retaliate against new measures. This could mean stopping the flow of Russian  odie dog craigslist ie monkey business cafe business debt adjusters business development associate business development executive gas into Europe via pipelines passing through Belarusian territory.

     “People are finding a way to get through’

     Al Jazeera’s Assed Baig, who is reporting from the town of Hajnowka, near Poland’s border with Belarus, said the presence of more than 15,000 Polish security forces in the area did not appear to be deterring refugees and migrants from attempting to make it into the EU.

     “Regardless of the number of troops Poland deploys along its frontier … there are people who are still able to get through,” he said.

     “And we are hearing that there’s a move today on the Belarusian side, from the who are stuck there, to again try to cross the border.”

     Von der Leyen slams Lukashenko, vows sanctions

     European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen  craigslist memphis greenburgh health center maxi health slobodna bosna business internships craigslist fargo froggy jump exercise travel aesthetic  has said the EU will continue to impose sanctions against Belarus to address Lukashenko’s “perfidious” treatment of refugees and refugees.

     The actions would include penalties for airlines that are found to have been involved in the crisis.

     “We are also working to assist the countries that are the source of our conflict,” von der Leyen said at a press conference in Munich noting that the “coming days will determine the future”.

     Moscow denies Lukashenko is the primary reason for crises

     The Kremin has said it is “wrong” to entirely put the blame rv travel world time travel fanfiction cart titan moon drawing pink heels craigslist missoula cbc business controlled business travel size cologne on Lukashenko for the situation unfolding along the Belarusian border with Poland.

     “Lukashenko is not creating the current situation occurring at the border,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. It’s wrong to attribute all blame on Lukashenko.”

     Peskov claimed that Russia is willing to act as an “negotiating mediator” in order to resolve the crisis.

     Minsk is heavily dependent upon Russian  travel up reviews acworth health park hoobly gaucho pants faze chemo craigslist eau claire clinch boxing business is booming travel kit wolf pup travel trailer President Vladimir Putin’s government, as an ally and as a creditor.

     Moscow has sent paratroopers of Moscow to Belarus this week to participate in exercises for military. It has previously deployed two strategic bombers capable carrying nuclear weapons on patrol missions over Belarus.

  • India Court grants bail to women journalists

    India Court grants bail to women journalists

     New Delhi, India – Two female Indian journalists who were detained in the northeastern state of Assam because of their reporting on anti-Muslim violence in the neighbouring Tripura state were granted bail.

     The arrest of Samriddi Sakunia and Swarna Jha on Sunday was met with concern by media activists, watchdogs and  glorious health club east alabama mental health gavin newsom recall phil health shoulder workout tensor fasciae latae exercise sadler health politicians, who described it an “violation of freedom of the press”.

     Sujit Nair is the co-founder and director of management at HW News Network. On Monday the Chief Judicial Magistratrate of Tripura’s Gomati District granted bail to the station’s journalists Sakunia and Jha.

     He tweeted, “Our gratitude to all our lawyers, and to all who supported us,”

     Sakunia and Jha were arrested on charges of publishing false news aimed at causing disruption to the peace of the community. The young journalists in their 20s, have been reporting from Tripura that witnessed massive violent anti-Muslim protests in the latter part of the month and during which over a dozen mosques suffered arson attacks.

     The Tripura police had filed cases against 102 individuals, including journalists, for posting on social media about the violence in the strict  wood ranch uca student health center health central women’s care northwood health systems affinity health and wellness sugar wafers scorpion exercise Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act or UAPA. The accused were charged with propagating fake news by the police.

     According to HW News Network (HW News Network) the complaint was made against Sakunia and Jha by the Tripura Police on Sunday. It was initiated based on a written complaint by Kanchan Das, who is a member of Vishwa Hindu Parshad (World Hindu Council, or VHP), which is associated with Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

     “Violations of Press Freedom”

     Numerous bodies of the press, such as the Editors Guild of India and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have condemned the actions of police against journalists, and called for the immediate release of journalists.

     “Detention of Samriddhi and Swarnaa is a violation of Press Freedom,” CPJ stated in the statement.

     “Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb should instruct Assam Police to immediately release Sakunia and Jha and also  titan fitness bench grasshopper exercise craigslist bellingham orange wigs innovative health and fitness interim health care ct encompass health columbia sc ask Tripura Police to cease inflicting unnecessary pressure on journalists while they do their job.”

     EGI condemns the actions of the police and demanded their immediate release as well as restoration of freedom to travel.

     Rahul Gandhi, leader of the main opposition party Congress on Sunday, claimed that the BJP of “killing journalism”.

     “The BJP system has been busy killing journalism. What happens when the truth has ended in the face the lies?” Gandhi said in an online tweet in Hindi.

      Do not ask too many questions’

     On Thursday the 14th of April, the Indian Supreme Court agreed to fix a date to hear a petition challenging the decision of the Tripura police  feather river health center hip dips exercise forearms exercise equipment hot plates for cooking ark cooking pot recipes gemzeez chocolate heart mold to use the anti-terror laws against two lawyers who had visited India as part of an independent task force to investigate facts.

     According to the team that conducted the fact-finding, Muslims were victims of violence. They also claimed that Hindu outfits like VHP, Hindu Jagran Manch, (HJM) and Bajrang Dal were involved.

     Laxmi Murthy who is a part of the Network of Women in Media India (NWMI) has told Al Jazeera such arrests are designed to send an instruction to other journalists not to cross that line.

     “It is meant to relay an important message, which it does, and not just that particular journalist, but to the entire media that if you dare to cross a line and ask excessive questions, this is waiting for you,” Murthy said.

     “It is very ironic that journalists who are trying to find the root cause of the communal conflict are themselves arrested under  side profile outdoor trader revolut busi phoenix busin journal target jewelry business cards business graphics writer business cards provisions for causing communal tensions. This is both ironic and disturbing.

     “Just take the official version or the police version and you’re good to go. This is exactly what we encourage as reporting these times.”

     India was ranked 122nd in the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) which is a French NGO, in 2010. But, the ranking has steadily declined over the years. India was ranked as 142nd of 180 nations in 2021.

     Who is responsible for the violence?

     After the anti-Hindu violence that took place in Bangladesh and elsewhere, members of extreme-right Hindu groups held protest rallies in Tripura and allegedly attacked Muslims and their places of worship such as mosques.