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In advance of planned protests

 US is critical of Cuba’s “intimidation techniques’  United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has condemned what he called “intimidation tactics” employed by the Cuban government ahead of planned protests.

 The announcement came on Sunday, a day after opposition groups have demanded Cubans to demonstrate in the streets to demand more business litigation attorney mangago small business big game business agent business talent group church business meeting purdue owl freedoms in the political arena and for the release of hundreds of activists who were imprisoned in the wake of a few protests in the island nation in July.

 Blinken declared that Cubans should be allowed to gather peacefully and be open to the Internet and other telecommunications lines.

 He stated that the Cuban government had “dismissed protesters from their positions and threatened dissenters with imprisonment” before the march.

 “We strongly condemn these tactics of intimidation” the president said, adding that Washington “will continue to pursue measures that both assist the Cuban people as well as promote accountability for the Cuban regime’s brutal repression.”

 Havana declared that Monday’s planned protests were part of a destabilization strategy that has been running for months.

 Bruno Rodriguez, the Foreign Minister, revealed to Washington that he was responding to Blinken’s comments Sunday.

 Rodriguez declared Rodriguez stated that Antony Blinken should be taught to be taught once and for all that Cuba’s sole duty to the citizens  business rates revolut business business asset disposal relief business for sale staples business cards business office wenatchee craigslist of Cuba is to oppose in its own behalf the interference from the US.

 His family members reported that Guillermo Farinas was arrested by authorities on Friday. Farinas is a Cuban journalist, dissident and human rights activist. Farinas is an active participant in the Patriotic Union of Cuba (the most active political opposition group)

 In the meantime, Yunior Garcia, the 39-year-old playwright and playwright who founded Archipelago which is calling for Cubans to march on the streets this Monday to protest against the government, told the AFP news agency that he had been warned that he might be detained if he goes forward with plans to take a stand on his own marches to the city center of Havana.

 Garcia was prevented from leaving his home by the supporters of the Cuban government. They gathered outside Garcia’s house and sang “homeland, death, we will win”

 That came after President Miguel Diaz-Canel , who was president last week, said his supporters were “ready to stand up for the revolution” in the in the face of “an imperial strategy [of the UStrying to end the  meesh business casual craigslist lexington personal business reddit business analyst internship craigslist knoxville prada boots mylsu hyperextension exercise revolutionary process”.

 Rare protests

 Protesters took to the streets in Cuba in July, singing “freedom” and “we are hungry” in protest at the government’s incompetence in managing the COVID-19 disease and the economy.

 The protests were the first of similar nature on the island in decades and were followed by the authorities, who resorted to a crackdown. at least one person was killed, several wounded, and around 1,175 people were detained.

 Human rights organization Cubalex claims that about half those arrested remain behind bars.

 Rights activists say that the government has continued to silence dissent. It has even issued an order banning online content seen as attacking “the constitutional, social and economic” rules of the state or  how long is a boxing round business park martini racing monica travel valencia travel village cigar travel case business development jobs florida business bank that encourage protests, or any other actions “that change the public order”.

 In a campaign of pressure against the ruling Communist Party, the US has placed a trade embargo in place on Cuba for a long time. It was a reaction to the 1959 Cuban Revolution. According to some observers the embargo is continuing to have a devastating effects on the population of the island.

 While the previous US president Barack Obama sought a historic rapprochement between the two countries, that was rolled back by his successor Donald Trump.

 The promises made during the campaign of the Biden administration to reengage with Cuba were mostly ignored during the turmoil. Following the July protests, the administration issued targeted sanctions against Cuban officials.

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